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Princeton, New Jersey is a great place to live thanks to its lively downtown filled with bars and restaurants, historic buildings and museums, and one of the best universities in the United States with a stunning campus, as well as its many lush parks and proximity to major cities like New York and Philadelphia. With its pleasant suburban atmosphere, safe neighborhoods, and low crime rate, Princeton is a great place for families to settle down.

There are few places like Princeton. Princeton’s distinct communities are one of the city’s most intriguing features because of its relatively compact size. Pretty Brook is one of the most desirable communities in the region.

Pretty Brook is home to some of Princeton’s most luxurious new houses and gated estates. The terrain here features dramatic climbs and dips, while the lowlands are often decorated with streams or ponds. This secluded spot in the woods is perfect for those who want to get away from it all. Confidentiality is a must. There are a lot of houses on dead-end streets.

The Woodfield Reservation and the remote grounds of Princeton Academy give the area a more rural atmosphere. Many of the houses are distant from one another, separated by woodlands and hills, and approached by winding roadways. Tennis enthusiasts and socialites alike frequent the Pretty Brook Tennis Club. Princeton Day School offers a diverse curriculum that includes arts, athletics, and academics. One of Princeton’s brand-new, immaculately maintained fields is called Farm View Field.

Not surprisingly, housing on one of the world’s most aesthetically pleasing campuses, with convenient proximity to pristine parks and a culturally rich central business district, is not cheap. Compared to other locations in Princeton and the surrounding region, Pretty Brook is quite pricey, with a median property value of roughly $820,000. However, because of the higher median wages in the area, this price tag doesn’t appear quite as steep to many locals. Pretty Brook, Princeton has a typical household income close to $140,000, which is significantly more than the national average.

In comparison to other major cities in the region, costs are reasonable given the abundance of high-quality employment opportunities and attractive housing stock within easy commuting distance of downtown. Make sure you can save up enough money or get a high enough wage to make ends meet before making the move.

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