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Additional Fees & Surcharges

We realize that sometimes a meeting may go longer than expected or sometimes it’s so hard to get out of bed for those 3:00 am scheduled pickup times.

Being First Choice Limousine prides itself with being the best limo service in Princeton we do offer a generous grace period for all pickups with the following fee schedule once the grace period has expired. We Believe Our Wait Time Policy Makes Us The Best Limo Service in Princeton.

Our Rates

Our customers book with us in confidence knowing First Choice Limousine and Car Service does not practice pricing when quoting you our Limousine Rates. First Choice Limousine will always provide you with a confirmation with your complete price. Tax, Tolls, and Early AM fee will be added where applicable Call us Today: (877) 777-2517.

Waiting Time Policy (Quarter Hour)

  • Sedan … $10.00
  • SUV … $13.00
  • Van … $15.00

Waiting charges begin 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time on departures. After 15 minutes, waiting time is retroactive to the time of schedule departures. There is no waiting time on incoming flights unless the driver must wait for lost luggage.

Surcharges (Pickup or Drop Off)

  • Same town as pickup or drop off …$-0-
  • Same County as pickup or drop off …$15.00
  • Different county as pickup or drop off …$25.00
  • Different terminal same airport …$ -0-
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