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Princeton is not only home to the Ivy-League Princeton University, but also other high-ranking public schools, and lovely tree-lined neighborhoods. The popular suburban community offers various restaurants, coffee shops, and parks for locals to enjoy. A popular residential area here is The Western Section. From the annual parades to community activities, Western Princeton offers a range of ways to engage with your neighbors.

Extending west and north from the Princeton Battle Monument, and restricted by Bayard Lane and Elm Road, this region features many older, and in some cases historic, residences situated on attractive properties with well-manicured lawns and plants, all within walking distance of the heart of town. These features make this place, for many, the most attractive and prestigious.

A few of the residences and mansions have been refurbished and enlarged to meet the modern lifestyle. The exteriors span from the classic styles of the 19th and 20th centuries, such as Tudor, Colonial, Gothic, and Victorian, to more modern versions of classical themes. These homes border well-known, gently curving streets, such as Hosge Road, Library Place, Cleveland Lane, and Lafayette Road, originally home to Woodrow Wilson.

There appears to be a plethora of seven-figure mansions available in Princeton’s Western Section; no less than five are posted for sale on active online realtor pages. More of these magnificent mansions, a favorite of gawkers on tours of the town, are available for grabs on Hodge Road, around the corner. A handful more have “For Sale” signs on Morven Place and Cleveland Lane. Most of the mansions in the Western Section claim significant historical and architectural pedigrees.

While changes in the new tax laws, property taxes that can reach more than $60,100, the forthcoming School Board referendum, and shifting demographics weigh in to the mix, local real estate professionals believe no catastrophe is at hand. It has been dubbed a convergence of a few elements according to most realtors. There is a lot of talk about what could go wrong with prospective buyers, yet many of them are very close to closing on homes.

Many residents in West Princeton just walk the few short blocks between their homes and their offices. According to research, 28 percent of locals are freelancers. This may not seem like a lot, but according to reliabe data, it’s more people working from home than in 98 percent of American areas. People in the creative and technical economies, like those in the Boston area and Silicon Valley, are more likely to work from home. Sometimes people are engaged in other companies, such as stock trading or operating a little beauty parlor, from the comfort of their own homes.

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