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New Jersey Shuttle Transportation Service

Looking for a way to get a medium-sized group to a destination comfortably, safely, reliably, and affordably? Then First Choice Limousine & Car Service’s New Jersey Shuttle Transportation Service might be the transportation service that you need. First Choice offers shuttle transportation for a variety of different scenarios, all geared towards helping you get the right solution for your transportation needs. Whether you are in need of a shuttle to get a large group to an airport or as part of a larger event, we can customize a shuttle experience for you and your fellow passengers that will be exactly what you need.

When do people choose shuttle transportation over other options, such as limousines? One of the first things people consider is the size of the group. While it is always possible to transport larger groups in limousines, the larger the group, the larger the vehicle or the more vehicles you need. As you add additional vehicles to your transportation needs, the costs necessarily increase because you need additional drivers. Therefore, affordable transportation will almost always favor fewer vehicles with larger capacity in each vehicle, which is exactly what shuttle transportation provides.

A shuttle usually refers to a van that can fit a high number of passengers and is taking all of the passengers to the same location or picking them all up from the same location. Shuttles can operate in a few different ways. Shuttle transportation companies can pick up all passengers at one location and drop them off at a single location, they can pick up passengers from various locations to take to a single location, or they can pick passengers up from a single location and take them to various locations. For events like weddings, it is common for guests to park in a parking lot that is off-site from the event, or to be transported by shuttle from the wedding venue to the reception venue. This would be an example of a shuttle van service taking people to and from two different destinations. However, shuttle transportation services could also pick up a group of people at the airport and take the passengers to different destination addresses, or pick up passengers at various locations and take them to a single destination. For events, we can even offer continuous shuttle services to and from venues or parking lots, to provide guests with the flexibility of being able to come-and-go as they please, without having to worry about the logistics of parking in areas where parking may be difficult to obtain.

In other words, at First Choice Limousine & Car Service, we are happy to customize your shuttle experience to fit your needs. Call us today to tell us why you need a shuttle service and how many people you anticipate will need travel. We can coordinate the transportation that you need to fit your needs, ensuring that passengers get where they need to be on-time.

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