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New Jersey Limousine Service

Despite all of the changing trends in transportation, there is something about a limousine that has made limousines the go-to choice for reliable, clean, classy, and safe transportation for generations. Of course, the quality of the limousine service makes a huge difference in the quality of your transportation. Does the limo service hire experienced, courteous, professional drivers with safe driving records and a commitment to customer service? Does it offer a well-maintained fleet of limousines in a variety of sizes and styles, so that you will have the perfect ride for your event? Does it meticulously maintain the limos in its fleet, practically eliminating the risk of mechanical malfunctions and ensuring that each limo is impeccably clean and well-presented? At First Choice Limousine & Car Service, we do.

Our emphasis on customer service ensures that you will get a top-quality experience, whether you need limo transportation for events, airport service, or for special occasions. What are some reasons that people choose limo rental over other types of transportation? In our experience, people choose limousines because they associate a limo ride with a higher quality of transportation than other options. For some people this can mean luxury, and there is still an old-school feel of luxury in a stretch limousine that is unmatched in other transportation options.

However, limousines are no longer the exclusive purview of the elite. Limo rides are surprisingly competitive in terms of price, especially since limos can comfortably carry a greater number of passengers than many alternative forms of transportation. Limos can also be scheduled well in advance, eliminating concerns about having a vehicle available when needed. In addition, limousines can work in fleets, transporting large amounts of guests to various locations and in processionals for funerals, parades, or other events where the vehicle actually plays a role in the ceremony.

While limousine prices may be competitive, First Choice Limousine & Car Service is committed to offering the same exacting attention to customer service that helped establish limousines as the gold standard in automotive transportation. Our drivers arrive on time, know the routes to your location, are courteous and helpful to passengers, and behave in a professional manner at all times. In addition, you can always choose to enhance your limousine service through things like the on-board bars or other amenities available in many vehicles in our fleet, providing you a champagne experience, even if you are on a beer budget.

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