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Rosedale is an unincorporated community in the New Jersey, Mercer County, which is located near Princeton. The crossroads of Carter and Rosedale roads serve as the hub of the neighborhood. Northeast of this crossroads is where you’ll find the main building of Educational Testing Service.

With a median home price of $127,400, Rosedale is more affordable than 87.5% of all US neighborhoods and 97% of all New Jersey neighborhoods. Based recent data, the average monthly rent in Rosedale is $1,795. In comparison to the rest of New Jersey, rents here are now 94% cheaper.

While there are many factors that contribute to a neighborhood’s desirability, the way it looks and feels to its residents is often the first thing that people notice. Observations could include the prevalence of buildings from the same era or the use of several languages on storefronts. There are notable aspects of this area’s appearance and manner of life that deserve special attention.

The Rosedale neighborhood is fantastic if you want attached or row houses. Row houses have a particular atmosphere and allure. This area is notable because of the large number of row houses found here. There are more attached and row residences here than in almost any other American community.

Single mothers, whether by choice, divorce, or unintended pregnancy, may have the most challenging role in society. There are a disproportionate number of single-mother homes in the Rosedale area compared to the national average. Poverty, high rates of school dropouts, crime, and other social problems are often strongly correlated with high percentages of single mother homes.

The advantages and disadvantages of staying put versus exploring the world come to reality in Rosedale. The frequency and scale with which people relocate can both foster culturally rich communities and distance individuals from their neighbors and the places they once called home. The transient nature of the local population sets this area apart from others. It’s worth noting that compared to other communities in the United States, Rosedale has a significantly higher percentage of residents born in a foreign nation.

Rosedale is a neighborhood with residents who fall anywhere between the lowest and medium income brackets. The median household income in this area is significantly lower than the national average. This area has a greater prevalence of child poverty than more than half of other American communities, with 10% of children living below the federal poverty line.

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