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Littlebrook is one of the main communities that spans the border between the borough and the township. This neighborhood, like many others, takes its name from the elementary school that once stood on its land. As you proceed northeast, the area’s housing stock changes from the capes and tiny ranches on Stanley and Roper to the enormous estates and even the rare farm. Both Princeton Kingston Road and Snowden Ave serve as major thoroughfares in Littlebrook, making the area quite accessible.

This peaceful community is found in Princeton’s upper north, high above the river. It is surrounded by lush greenery and wooded forest property. Littlebrook is a great place to live because of its proximity to the lake, the university, and the city center, as well as because of the peaceful sanctuary that the area’s many trails and creeks provide.

Suburban living is available to residents in a variety of housing options, from sprawling mansions to compact condominiums. Mixed in with families with young children and professionals who work in the city or nearby ones are some students who opt to live here because the flats are slightly cheaper and not as boisterous as the ones on campus. The larger mansion-style residences in the neighborhood drive up the median property value of $750k.

The needs of nature lovers are amply met in Littlebrook. There are beautiful hiking trails through natural environments at Autumn Hill Reserve, home to a variety of flora and fauna. With its spacious 78 acres, this location is ideal for those who like to commune with nature. You can also take pleasure in nature at Herrontown Woods. The Veblens, good friends of Einstein’s, gifted this house to the park, which also features a botanical garden and trails for hikers.

There are a wide variety of places to eat in the Littlebrook area. The upscale Eno Terra Restaurant & Enoteca on the waterfront is a farm-to-table Italian restaurant with a focus on sustainability.

For history buffs, there are several historical sites to visit. Located at the edge of a forest covering 100 acres, Veblen House is a museum dedicated to the history of the area. This secret mansion, originally constructed in the 1920s for the Veblens, has been lovingly refurbished and is now used for a variety of workshops, events, and private hosting throughout the year.

There is a wide variety of architectural styles exhibited in the houses in the Littlebrook area. The 1950s were a busy decade for construction in Littlebrook. While some residents have opted to maintain their homes as-is or expand them, others have opted to demolish their homes and replace them with larger, more contemporary dwellings. Littlebrook is another popular Princeton area due to its convenience to the city center and its abundance of dining options, entertainment venues, and retail establishments.

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