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One can barely believe that the Princeton area neighborhood where so many beautiful weddings and photo sessions have taken place also served as battlegrounds during the Civil War. Situated in the city’s southwestern quadrant, this area offers a wide variety of exciting activities and attractions, including access to some of the city’s finest parks and museums showcasing the region’s rich cultural heritage.

The Battlefield neighborhood is a great compromise between urban and suburban life, offering quick access to the university and a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and parks. Larger estates, some expanded from earlier designs, can be found in areas close to golf courses and clubs like TPC Jasna Polana. But it’s not necessary to sell an arm and a leg to afford a home here. Some newer homes are being built in the region, and they are in outstanding school districts; some of the older homes are being refurbished to look as if they were built yesterday.

Located about a mile to the southwest of Princeton University, Princeton Battlefield State Park preserves and interprets the site of George Washington’s triumph in 1777. The iconic Mercer Oak still survives near the spot where General Hugh Mercer was killed in action. The Thomas Clarke House, constructed in 1772, also exists and was a witness to the bloody battle. There are displays from the Revolutionary War and other time periods in the home. The graves of the 21 British and 15 American troops who died in the conflict are marked by the Ionic Collonade and a stone patio. The battlefield is traversed by several paths.

If you’re looking for a place to live that’s close to school and yet has easy access to top-notch parks, golf courses, and other attractions, go no farther than the Battlefield neighborhood. Are you a golf fanatic? If so, the TPC Jasna Polana is a must-see. John Seward Johnson I and his wife once lived in this mansion. A private country club now occupies the 226-acre plot, which features a golf course, wedding chapel, clubhouse, and other facilities. The PGA Tour stops here annually, and the course’s reputation as one of the best in the world draws golfers from all around to try their luck.

Discover your inner history buff at Princeton Battlefield State Park. In 1777, during the Revolutionary War, American and British troops clashed in this park in what became known as the Battle of Princeton. This once-desolate area is now a beautiful park that is home to the Clark House and Battle Monument as well as expansive fields and paths.

Greenway Meadows Park is a popular spot for locals. This is especially true for college kids who want to get away from the concrete jungle and into the woods. To get away from it all, visit this park and enjoy its various hiking paths, picnic spaces, and abundant animals.

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